Empowering governments
with collective intelligence

Smart Tools for Governments

Daccoin makes government more efficient. The Daccoin platform analysis verified signals gathered from citizens in tight feedback cycles to help governments interpret sentiment as it evolves. This data increases understanding between government and citizens, and between citizens and each other.

From e-Governance to e-Participation

As governments at all levels around the world make the transition to online services and eIDs to simplify government and citizen interaction, forward thinking governments are using this transition to introduce modern tools for engagement between electorate and elected.

The world is getting increasingly complex, new tools and data driven analysis is required for representative bodies to confidently do what’s best for the people they represent.

Working with Daccoin

Governments who have taken steps towards a digital transition are ideal partners for Daccoin as this is the perfect time to introduce new tools for governance and add new efficiencies. For countries or regions with an eID program in place the Daccoin platform is largely turnkey.

We realize as a global society we are in the early stages of this transition, but if you are considering the shift, now is the time to talk. As you make this transition and for years after, Daccoin can help you understand your most important audience–the people who trusted you with leadership.



Oleg Gutsol
Chief Executive Officer
Dustin Plett
Chief Strategy Officer

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